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Release Engineer

Dubai, UAE / Hybrid

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About the Release Engineer role

As a Release Engineer for our SaaS Cloud solutions, you will be focusing on managing the flow of new functionality and features into customer-facing environments, ensuring that all appropriate quality gates and release prerequisites have been performed. The successful candidate will be joining our international team, which is primarily based in Dubai. This role will be based out of the Dubai office.

What you will do

  • Control the release of new product and service versions into production and pre-production environments
  • Facilitate pre-release check-ins to ensure all stakeholders are aware of the content of upcoming release.
  • Coordinate and support pre-release stages such as testing, implementation and deployment, to ensure that releases run on schedule, or are updated to reflect the true content of features that have made the release train
  • Ensure customer expectations are met by the release content, and where they are not, inform them of the change in scope related to release content
  • Be the individual who approves and clicks the ‘go’ button for a release, while being supported by Platform Engineers, Developers and Product Managers
  • Manage communications with customers, either directly or via dedicated customer communication managers
  • Provide and maintain a release calendar, to provide structure to release dates
  • Review and correct release documents provided to stakeholders alongside release communications, such as release notes, guides and manuals
  • Updating the status of release trackers and tickets within Jira, either manually or by establishing an automated method
  • Monitor the progress of a release and the system’s Key Performance Indicators while in the post-release phase.
  • Identify, evaluate and document risks to a release
  • Run release retrospectives to analyse the release process and identify key areas of improvement
  • Release Automation Implement and improve release automation tools and processes to streamline and accelerate the release pipeline

What you must have

  • Bachelor’s degree and relevant industry experience in software engineering (3+ years)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills using the English language, with the ability to explain complexity using diagrams, models and simple terms
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills with both internal/external stakeholders and within the team
  • Experience with conflict resolution and assisting individuals in working together
  • A strong understanding of system operations, Web APIs, Software Testing and development processes
  • Proficiency in Jira (or a similar project/task management system) for managing assigned tasks. Also, experience with monitoring the progress of whole programmes using this tool
  • Familiarity with Scrum/Agile development methodologies, in particular the release train concept
  • Strong troubleshooting mindset, with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, able to develop quickly, and with accurate situational awareness
  • Proactive, energetic attitude, and desire to work in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment
  • Motivated, tenacious, and resourceful team player with a keen eagerness to learn

What would be good to have

  • Experience working with micro-services and cloud technologies
  • Understanding of Linux Operating Systems, and common command line tooling
  • Experience using Source Control Management Systems (e.g., Git)
  • Previous experience using Datadog and CloudWatch for observability and alerting
  • Previous experience in a software development or system engineering role
  • AWS certifications
  • Airline or Travel industry experience

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