Modern airline retailing has reached a critical point, offering opportunities for travel agencies to enhance customer satisfaction, differentiate themselves, and achieve business growth. However, the increasingly fragmented landscape makes it challenging for travel sellers to navigate.

Navigating the New Distribution Capability (NDC) 

The New Distribution Capability (NDC), a travel industry-supported program launched by IATA, aims to modernize the way air products are retailed to travelers, corporations, and agencies. NDC enables airlines to distribute their products more effectively, offering richer content, personalized offers, and dynamic pricing. Despite its benefits, integrating NDC content with existing systems and other sources like Low-Cost Carriers (LCC), aggregators, and Global Distribution Systems (GDS) remains a significant challenge for travel sellers. 

The Fragmented Landscape: A Challenge for Travel Agencies 

Travel agencies face the daunting task of managing multiple sources of air content, each with its own system and interface. This fragmentation can lead to inefficiencies, increased training requirements for agents, and inconsistency in customer service. To thrive in this environment, travel sellers need a solution that consolidates all air content into a single, easy-to-use interface. 

Introducing Iris: Your Single Window Solution 

Iris addresses these challenges by empowering travel sellers with unrivaled access and control over the best air content from multiple sources. This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction, agent differentiation, and business growth.

Introducing Iris Portal 

Enables travel sellers to get the best air content from NDC, LCC, GDS and consolidators in a single window. 

All Air Content, Your Shop 

With Iris, you can shop, sell, and service air content from any source, including NDC, LCC, aggregators, and GDS. Configure and control content, source, markup, branding, and reporting in a customizable shop that fits your unique needs. Benefit from end-to-end agent workflows with minimal training required. 

Iris is a plug-and-play tool designed for content control and agent-friendliness. With over a million bookings worldwide, the Iris Portal has proven its scalability and reliability. 

Key Features of the Iris B2B Portal 

The Iris portal is a browser-based tool that enables agents to swiftly access air products from multiple sources in a single, customizable shop. Its SaaS model offers a low barrier to entry, including low upfront costs, pay-as-you-go pricing, and no ongoing technology challenges. 

Travel sellers can seamlessly configure and fully control content, source, markup, branding, and reporting to optimize revenue and margin. Retain negotiated GDS contracts and rates, including private and corporate fares, and distribute the business model downstream to branches. 

Smart Features for an Intuitive Agent Experience 

Iris boasts smart features and preferencing that make serving customers intuitive and efficient. A state-of-the-art agent experience makes it easy to: 

  • Navigate NDC and integrate GDS, aggregator, and LCC content 
  • Access flights, ancillaries, Fare Families, and bundles 
  • Engage in comparison shopping (channel, airline, branded fares) 
  • Seamlessly shop, sell, upsell, and service in one shop with minimal training 

Transform Your Air Content Retailing Today 

Experience rich content, ancillary upsell, personalized offers, and dynamic real-time deals. Learn how Iris can empower your travel business to new heights. 

Experience the Benefits of Iris Firsthand 

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