In September 2023, TPConnects Technologies (TPC) launched the Next-Generation Airline Retailing Platform, Astra, that is poised to revolutionize the travel industry.

Our platform, Astra, represents a shift toward swift and modular deployment, seamless user experience,and smart innovation. Its modular design grants airlines unparalleled flexibility by separating Offer and Order Management, NDC (New Distribution Capability) API, and Smart Layer Business Logic. This seamlessly extends to various channel touchpoints, from Agent Portals for agencies, consolidators, TMC and corporates, to customer interfaces like IBE, Mobile Applications and Holiday Portals powered by NDC API’s. These channel touchpoints can soon be extended with TPC’s Agency and aggregation solutions based on airline needs.

“Airline executives cannot afford to wait for innovation if they want to maintain competitiveness. Partnering with us enables airlines to move into transformative journeys with agility and rapidity,”

                               Eric Dumas,
                               CEO, TPC


To know more about Astra, please watch the video below.


Shaping Tomorrow, Today:  

As TPC charts the course toward our 2030 vision of guiding airlines to achieve 100% Offers and Orders, we place strategic emphasis on understanding and addressing the diverse needs of different airlines. We know that one size does not fit all, and our vision is to provide several different propositions.

We are committed to supporting the industry and our airline customers with the capabilities needed to maximize the value of airline retailing in a technology landscape where only Offers and Orders exist. This commitment extends to supporting our airline customers in both, technology transition and business transformation, away from the traditional PSS (Passenger Service Systems) ecosystem.

Join the Transformative Journey

Exciting times ahead! We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey towards Offers and Orders.

Let TPC guide you along the path to a future where Offers and Orders seamlessly align. More than just a technology platform, TPC is your partner in shaping a future where innovation meets efficiency.



Kristiaan van Dijken
VP Product Management – Airline Solutions, TPC