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Next-generation travel retailing technology for airlines and travel sellers.

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Enhance customer experience and unlock new revenue opportunities with our leading IATA certified, travel technology solutions for modern air retailing, built from the ground up to meet the needs of airlines and travel sellers.



For Airlines

Our modular next-generation air retailing platform delivers greater choice and efficiency to airlines. Choose a solution that’s a perfect fit for your retailing objectives, including Offer and Order Management, NDC API and Smart Layer, providing rich and customised content across all your channels and touchpoints.



For Travel Sellers

Take sales and customer experience to the next level with our plug-and-play travel seller solution. It’s a proven sales and servicing aggregation tool that lets you offer customers the best air content regardless of source. Configure, personalise and enrich products and control your margins.



Faster Deployment

Time-to-value in months

Our solutions are purpose-built for easy deployment and configuration, so you can get started quickly and see the revenue and profit benefits sooner.


Seamless UI & UX

Intuitive booking tools, minimal training

With our web-based portals, it’s simple for airlines to customise and target offers and showcase exciting content and for travel sellers to browse, compare and sell a full range of products and services.


Innovation for the future

Control your content

Airlines can distribute flight and ancillary offers across all channels. Travel sellers can take control of sales with configurable content and margin.

Certified & trusted by
industry leaders

IATA Financial Gateway Certified
IATA Strategic Partner
IATA System Provider - Airline Retailing Maturity
Flight Centre Travel Group | TPConnects

We are a fully IATA certified travel technology company and IATA strategic partner, serving the air transport industry through our expertise and strong industry relationships.

As part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, we are an established modern air retailing technology partner, chosen and trusted by well-known global customers.

Gulf Air
Srilankar Airlines
Air Mauritius

Client success stories


    Discover our modern air retailing platform with Gulf Air

    Discover our modern air retailing platform with Gulf Air
    Discover our modern air retailing platform with Gulf Air

    Find out how Gulf Air partnered with TPConnects to implement our next-generation airline retailing platform, Astra, securing the success of its boutique strategy.

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