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TPC has been part of the NDC journey right from the start. We’re a technology-first company, uniquely placed to power modern airline retailing solutions. Our airline solution, Astra, is built based on IATA industry standards, and is swift to install and configure. It allows you to tailor and promote your content, offers and services across all channels—so you can realise value more quickly.

Swift deployment

Swift deployment

Time to value
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Seamless UI-UX

Seamless UI & UX

Minimal training required

Smart innovation

Smart innovation

More control for airlines

Certified & trusted by industry leaders

IATA Financial Gateway Certified
IATA Strategic Partner
IATA System Provider - Airline Retailing Maturity
Gulf Air
Srilankan Airlines
Air Mauritius
Kristiaan van Dijken | Travel Tech Company | TPConnects
Note from our expert

As a strategic IATA partner, we’re committed to optimising modern airline retailing. Our high quality modern airline retailing solutions empower airlines to maximise revenue in an efficient way while providing an excellent and consistent customer experience through indirect as well as direct channels.

Kristiaan van Dijken

VP – Product Management (Airlines), TPConnects


The capabilities for modern airline retailing

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Delivering content with flexibility, control and efficiency is at the heart of modern airline retailing. TPC’s purpose-built airline solution connects your travel ecosystem—swiftly, seamlessly & smartly—unlocking maximum value with rapid implementation and a wide range of features to support sales growth.

Offer management

Enhance your flight offers with rich content and ancillary product provisioning, making it easier for agents and resellers to fulfil customer needs.

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Order management

ONE ORDER capable order creation, with a full range of payment options and comprehensive capabilities for after-sales servicing.

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Enable IATA and non-IATA partner settlement processes, including seamless engagement with IFG.

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Modern airline retailing, your way

Digitally transform your content to achieve flexibility, control and efficiency across all your direct and indirect channels. Our next generation technology platform is built on standardised, modular architecture, so you can choose how to deploy and customise your own solution.


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    TPConnects – Astra Brochure
    Astra B2B | Airline Branded Booking Portal | TPConnects

    Astra B2B

    Our airline branded agent booking portal is a state-of-the-art sales and servicing tool that’s designed for ease of use. It puts airlines in control of the content and offers you deliver through different channels.

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    Astra API | NDC & IATA Certified API for Airlines | TPConnects

    Astra API

    With our Direct Connect API, travel sellers can easily access your airline content in real time through their own front-end system. You can also connect your content with downstream travel sellers through our Aggregator API.

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    Astra B2C

    Advanced TPC technology supports rich content delivery through your website (IBE), white label mobile app or holiday portal, making it easy for consumers to choose flights and ancillary products and engage fully with your brand.

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    Let our experts tell you more

    Want to know more about our modern airline retailing solutions? Find out how our technologies can help you navigate the complexities of a fast-paced, multi-channel marketplace to maximise your sales and customer experience.

    Seamless experience powered by innovation

    Put the latest NDC technology to work in creating a transformed retail experience that gives resellers and consumers the experience they expect from modern digital platforms and services. TPC’s airline platform is simple, smart and delivers value back to you fast.

      Intuitive flight booking

      Intuitive flight booking & search

      Intuitive flight booking & search

      Our platforms are designed to make it easy for agents and customers to find, compare and select flights and services that fully match their needs:

      • Standard and advanced search features
      • Branded fares
      • Personalised frequent flyer offers
      • Engaging, visual descriptions

      Innovative cross-sell

      Innovative cross-sell for a truly personalised experience

      Innovative cross-sell for a truly personalised experience

      Give sellers and customers a rich experience tailored to their needs, promoting a full range of offers, personalised and branded content and ancillary products.

      • Rich media capability for engaging visual content
      • Customise ancillary pricing and offers for different channels and entities
      • Publish and showcase promotions
      • Provide notifications to alert agents to offers and availability

      Order management

      Bring everything together with seamless order management

      Bring everything together with seamless order management

      Seamlessly manage and process orders and changes, giving customers and agents an efficient, responsive, integrated experience.

      • Book, hold and issue instant tickets
      • Sell ancillary products before or after ticketing
      • Re-issue individual or multi-flight tickets
      • Process airline-initiated OCNs

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