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Astra B2B

A modern air retailing booking portal for airlines and their partners, enabling efficient, seamless and user-friendly ticketing operations between airlines and travel partners.

Next-generation offer and order management

Astra B2B is designed to help airlines make the most of modern airline retailing to IATA standards, unlocking sales opportunities, increasing operational efficiency and building customer loyalty through a branded, intuitive and fully-featured solution.

    Simplified flight search

    Intuitive flows for all your sales and servicing needs

    Intuitive flows for all your sales and servicing needs

    Create a swift, seamless, and smart flight search experience, prioritising UI accessibility, to ensure that all users can easily interpret search results for flight orders.

    • Explore our calendar feature for a more flexible and intuitive fare search experience
    • Refine and tailor your results with targeted and specific conditional searches
    • Promo code functionality, so users can apply discounts during the booking process
    • Seamless filtering allowing users to refine and customise search results based on specific preferences and criteria

    Fully branded content

    Showcase your brand identity consistently

    Showcase your brand identity consistently

    By aligning UI design with your airline’s brand guidelines, you can create a cohesive and recognisable brand identity for users as they interact with your customised product.

    • Incorporate brand colours, logos, typography and imagery
    • Buttons and icons match brand aesthetics
    • Responsive design for consistency across devices
    • Accessibility optimisation, including contrast and readability

    Post sale servicing

    Tailored passenger services and support

    Tailored passenger services and support

    After completing the ticket purchase and even starting their journey, enhance your customers’ experience and maintain their loyalty with features that let you address changes or issues during or after the flight.

    • Book and hold pricing for a specified period, with flexibility to finalise or reprice
    • Multiple re-shop, so travellers can revise their itinerary as needed
    • Support rebooking requests for existing itineraries and tickets
    • Import PNRs so you can service bookings created in other platforms

    Pricing and revenue control

    Manage and configure fares based on travel partners

    Manage and configure fares based on travel partners

    With Astra B2B, you can fully customise your fare pricing. Using a defined set of criteria, you can assign specific pricing structures to different travel partners and aggregators, to support your business model.

    • Specify the level of commission that partners receive
    • Control travel partners’ markup on ticket prices
    • Manage access permissions for agencies using IATA codes
    • Schedule and customise promotions for different sellers

    Minimal training

    Intuitive design and seamless navigation

    Intuitive design and seamless navigation

    We carefully consider user experience when designing our user interface. The Astra UI is built to make it easy for users to understand and use the product with little or no formal training.

    • Fully branded UI with smooth navigation
    • Visual appeal with recognisable brand features and elements
    • Cut the training burden and allow rapid user onboarding
    • Supports efficient customer handling and fast, responsive service

    Certified & trusted by
    industry leaders

    IATA Financial Gateway Certified
    IATA Strategic Partner
    IATA System Provider - Airline Retailing Maturity
    Flight Centre Travel Group | TPConnects

    We are a fully IATA-certified travel technology company and an IATA strategic partner, serving the air transport industry through our expertise and strong industry relationships.

    As part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, we are an established modern air retailing technology partner, chosen and trusted by some of the world’s biggest airlines.

    Gulf Air
    Srilankar Airlines
    Air Mauritius

    Vikas ManraHead of Global Distribution (Former), Gulf Air

    In the words of our clients

    It’s all about learning and experimentation – that’s where the scalability and modular approach provided by TPConnects really helps us. Definitely as a partner, TPConnects has been standing alongside us.

    Gulf Air Case Study - Modern Air Retailing

    Let our experts tell you more

    Ask us anything you’d like to know about technical features, benefits, integration and support for Astra B2B. Our modern air retailing experts are here to help and advise, based on real-world experience of developing and using the solution.

    Client success stories


      Discover our modern air retailing platform with Gulf Air

      Discover our modern air retailing platform with Gulf Air
      Discover our modern air retailing platform with Gulf Air

      Find out how Gulf Air partnered with TPConnects to implement our next-generation airline retailing platform, Astra, securing the success of its boutique strategy.

      Learn more


      Faster Deployment

      Time-to-value in months

      Our solutions are purpose-built for easy deployment and configuration, so you can get started quickly and see the revenue and profit benefits sooner.


      Seamless UI & UX

      Intuitive booking tools, minimal training

      With our web-based portals, it’s simple for airlines to customise and target offers and showcase exciting content and for travel sellers to browse, compare and sell a full range of products and services.


      Innovation for the future

      Control over your content

      Airlines can distribute flight and ancillary offers across all channels. Travel partners can take control of sales with configurable content and margin.

      Kristiaan van Dijken | Travel Tech Company | TPConnects
      Note from our expert

      Astra B2B is transformative for airlines, allowing them to offer, order and settle seamlessly within a modern air retailing ecosystem. It’s a leap forward for customer experience and differentiation, giving passengers an enhanced range of timely and helpful booking services via one point of contact.

      Kristiaan van Dijken

      VP – Product Management (Airline), TPConnects

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