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Iris API

With Iris, you can access all your modern air retail content from multiple sources through a single API.

Airline content through a single API

For travel sellers with their own platform and IT team, the Iris API is a smart and cost effective way to acquire standardised airline content. Ideal for Online Travel Agencies (OTA), Travel Management Companies (TMC) and Corporate Booking Tools (CBT).

    Single API

    Multiple content sources via one API

    Multiple content sources via one API

    Standardised content from NDC, GDS and LCC, all accessible through one API, to reduce development costs and complexity.

    • Based on IATA NDC Schema 18.2
    • Next generation functionality including split ticketing
    • Iris Developer Program includes accreditation, API, SDK, sandbox and 24/7 expert support

    Seamless servicing

    Enable end-to-end airline ticketing and servicing

    Enable end-to-end airline ticketing and servicing

    The Iris API supports a full range of ordering, ticketing and notification functions, for efficient travel seller service and a differentiated customer experience.

    • Order creation - book and hold, instant ticketing
    • Loyalty and carbon offsetting for supported airlines
    • Email notifications for orders issued and involuntary changes

    Travel ancillaries

    Enriched content and offers

    Enriched content and offers

    Give your customers the widest choice. Iris API enables access to all kinds of airline offers and content and makes it easy for agents to compare and upsell.

    • Extra baggage
    • Seat booking (free and paid)
    • Meals, upgrades and extras

    Post sale servicing

    Seamless service from a single air travel solution

    Seamless service from a single air travel solution

    Empower agents to make changes and enhancements to tickets within a single system, for a more efficient, end-to-end service.

    • Exchange, cancel, refund and void orders
    • Add ancillaries to new and existing orders
    • Manage involuntary changes - accept, exchange or cancel

    Certified & trusted by
    industry leaders

    IATA Financial Gateway Certified
    IATA Strategic Partner
    IATA System Provider - Airline Retailing Maturity
    Flight Centre Travel Group | TPConnects

    We are a fully IATA-certified travel technology company and an IATA strategic partner, serving the air transport industry through our expertise and strong industry relationships.

    As part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, we are an established modern air retailing technology partner, chosen and trusted by well-known global customers.

    Gulf Air
    Srilankar Airlines
    Air Mauritius

    Let our experts tell you more

    Ask us anything you’d like to know about the technical features, benefits, support and the possibilities that Iris API can unlock for your organisation. Our modern travel retail experts are here to help and advise.


    Faster Deployment

    Minimal investment and setup time

    Purpose-built modern travel retail technology that connects seamlessly with all your integrations and content providers, so you can realise the financial benefits fast.


    Seamless UI & UX

    A one stop shop for airline retail

    Easily bring together all the airline content you require to meet your customers’ needs, connecting and presenting them however you prefer within your own portal or platform.


    Innovation for the future

    More control and customisation

    Take control of your revenue and margin with configurable, enriched content and offers from multiple sources and airline partners in one place.

    Paul Ryumugabe | Travel Tech Company | TPConnects
    Note from our expert

    The easy to integrate Iris API helps travel sellers to take advantage of opportunities offered by modern Air Retailing bringing together in a single API a wealth of customisable, and rich airline content as well as revenue management tools allowing sellers to optimise sales and revenue.

    Paul Ryumugabe

    VP – Product Management (Travel Sellers), TPConnects

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