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Iris Portal

An intuitive, browser-based modern travel retailing tool that gives travel sellers easy access to air content from multiple sources.

A smart way to optimise revenue and margin

Iris boasts smart features and preferencing that make servicing customers intuitive and efficient. Travel sellers can optimise revenue and margin, with full control of content, source, mark-up, branding and reporting.


    Low costs and technology that’s simple to manage

    Low costs and technology that’s simple to manage

    The Iris Portal is designed to lower barriers to entry, so travel sellers without their own IT teams can access sophisticated features and a full range of content through one simple, user-friendly B2B travel solution.

    • SaaS model for easy access and immediate benefit
    • Low upfront investment and flexible pay-as-you-go cost
    • No technology barriers and a user-friendly set-up

    Content control

    Offer customers the best air content regardless of source

    Offer customers the best air content regardless of source

    Quickly access, navigate and integrate air products from New Distribution Capability (NDC), Low Cost Carriers (LLC), consolidators and Global Distribution Systems (GDS) in a single, customisable shop.

    • Easily configure and control content and preferences
    • Distribute offers downstream to sub-agencies and branches
    • Optimise revenue and margins with full control of pricing and offers

    End-to-end workflows

    End-to-end workflows for a streamlined customer experience

    End-to-end workflows for a streamlined customer experience

    Our travel solution supports all seller workflows, so there’s no need to swap between systems for different actions. The seller tool is designed to allow clear comparison shopping, so you can always offer customers the best available options.

    • Flights, extras and bundles
    • Search, book, issue tickets and add ancillaries
    • Post-sale re-shops, refunds and voids
    • Reporting through BSP and ARC

    Agent friendly

    Excellent service through a state-of-the art seller experience

    Excellent service through a state-of-the art seller experience

    With the Iris Portal, agents can easily access flights, ancillaries, fare families and bundles. They can seamlessly shop, sell, upsell and service customers through a single portal, with minimal training.

    • All air content is in one shop, retaining contracts and rates
    • Easy, end-to-end workflows for optimal efficiency and responsiveness
    • Clear comparison shopping through a single portal

    Certified & trusted by
    industry leaders

    IATA Financial Gateway Certified
    IATA Strategic Partner
    IATA System Provider - Airline Retailing Maturity
    Flight Centre Travel Group | TPConnects

    We are a fully IATA-certified travel technology company and an IATA strategic partner, serving the air transport industry through our expertise and strong industry relationships.

    As part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, we are an established modern air retailing technology partner, chosen and trusted by well-known global customers.

    Gulf Air
    Srilankar Airlines
    Air Mauritius

    Let our experts tell you more

    How would Iris Portal work for your travel seller business? How quickly could you get started? Ask us anything you’d like to know about features, benefits, technology, support. Our modern travel retail experts are here to help and advise.


    Faster Deployment

    Minimal investment and setup time

    SaaS technology and a purpose-built, next-generation platform mean that Iris Portal is easy to set up and deploy. You’ll see the revenue and profit benefits within weeks.


    Seamless UI & UX

    A one stop shop for airline retail

    Easily bring together all the airline content you require to meet your customers’ needs in one intuitive portal. Customise, optimise, browse, compare and sell through a genuinely agent-friendly interface.


    Innovation for the future

    More control and customisation

    Take control of your revenue and margin with configurable, enriched content and offers. Customise and share these with downstream partners. Add your own branding and access reporting all in one place.

    Paul Ryumugabe | Travel Tech Company | TPConnects
    Note from our expert

    Modern Airline Retailing promises opportunities for travel sellers to reach new levels of customer satisfaction, differentiation and business growth. Iris Portal brings down the barriers to capitalising on this era of opportunity by giving travel sellers all their airline content in one shop fully under their control, in a matter of days.

    Paul Ryumugabe

    VP – Product Management (Travel Sellers), TPConnects

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