Greetings, TPC Community! It’s time to catch up on the exciting developments over the past couple of months. Buckle up for a thrilling update!

1. EGYPTAIR chooses TPConnects as their Technology Partner for NDC Offer and Order Management

EGYPTAIR, the renowned full-service international airline, has chosen TPConnects as their technology partner for NDC Offer and Order Management. This partnership signifies a major milestone in our journey. TPConnects’ NDC API enables EGYPTAIR to fully leverage the power of IATA’s NDC to offer travel agents convenient, easy access to its full range of products and services, including tickets and ancillaries, with our solution branded as EGYPTAIR Retailing System (ERS).

“We are proud to support EGYPTAIR’s NDC journey toward implementing innovative technology solutions. The new booking portal and API is going to boost EGYPTAIR’s digital distribution and offer richer content through our NDC-based services. Our goal is to provide the solutions that unlock retailing possibilities for the industry without the constraints of legacy systems. Having convenient and efficient access for travel sellers to EGYPTAIR’s full range of products and services will both, reduce distribution costs and improve choice. – Rakshit Desai, CEO


2. TPConnects Ranked #1 as Emerging Airline Distribution Tech Player

TPConnects has been ranked as the #1 Emerging Airline Distribution Tech Player by OAG. This underscores our commitment to helping shape the future of airline distribution. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our hardworking team and valued partners for their support.

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3. NDC is Real & Present

In May, our CEO, Rakshit Desai, and our VP of Sales, George Rajan, took the spotlight at the Arabian Travel Market. They demystified NDC for travel agencies, showcasing key insights, opportunities and challenges. We are excited to bring solutions to this industry that will enhance customer experience through differentiated content and improvements in efficiency and productivity.


4. New TPConnects Brand Identity

As part of our continuous growth and evolution, we are excited to unveil our new brand identity, based on our core values and vision for the future. With a modern, vibrant and dynamic look, our new brand identity is derived from our vision of being a solutions-driven pioneer of new distribution technology within the travel ecosystem.

Our logo embodies the power of collaboration where different shapes converge to form the letters T, P, and C. It symbolizes our commitment to solving the challenges within the travel ecosystem through our solutions. Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting new chapter.


5. Team Training and Care Initiatives

We believe in taking care of our most valuable asset—our team. Our Mental Health session was led by Dr. Esra Uzsayilir, who provided valuable insights into fostering communication, setting clear expectations, and prioritizing Psychological Safety at Workplace.

We also facilitated eye care initiatives. We partnered with Max Vision to organize a free eye check-up session.

eye-care   team-care

In our journey to be better at what we do, we had a training session for our team on NDC. Our Product Manager, Sreena Koyili, shared insights on the evolution of NDC, our own NDC solutions, and the exciting world of modern airline retailing. Empowering our team with knowledge and skills remains a top priority.

6. CONNECT 2023: Celebrating TPC Talent and Culture

Recently, we organized CONNECT 2023, an event to outline our vision for the next few years, enabling all of us to be committed to the same goals
Award team members who live each of our core People values: Balance, Empathy, Say:Do Ratio, Trust and Transparency.

Celebrate those who showcased their talent outside of the workplace. The talent show was full of music and dance, giving us a glimpse into how gifted some of our team members are. It was a memorable evening and it is a tradition that will continue.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue onward in our mission to simply and smartly connect the travel ecosystem by enabling and navigating better choice.


Stay tuned for more updates as we continue onward in our mission to simply and smartly connect the travel ecosystem by enabling and navigating better choice.