The latest on our Swift, Seamless and Smart Retailing Solutions for Airlines and Travel Sellers

  • Your journey towards 100% Offers & Orders
    Astra unlocks the airline retailing opportunity by enabling airlines to maximise their revenue of flights and ancillary products with customer-centric offers across all channels – with full IATA NDC and Modern Airline Retailing alignment. Learn more


    Astra Event Roundup
  • Aviation Festival Asia 2024
    TPC participated at the Aviation Festival Asia 2024, with a booth showcasing Astra’s Swift, Seamless and Smart Solutions.

Team TPC at Aviation Festival Asia 2024

  • UATP Airline Distribution® 2024
    We had the opportunity to speak at UATP Airline Distribution® 2024 on “What NDC Is Really About”. We enjoyed delving into the future of airline distribution.



Eric Dumas, TPC, on the UATP Panel

  • All air content, your shop
    Iris gives travel sellers access to and control over the best air content from multiple sources for new levels of customer satisfaction, agent differentiation, and business growth.  Learn more
  • Direct Connects
    With 20 Direct Connects – current and upcoming, this is indeed an exciting time as we enable travel sellers to sell and service air content from any source.

Iris Event Roundup

TPC participated in SATTE and ITB Berlin, meeting travel sellers and industry stakeholders.

TPC at ITB Berlin and SATTE

What’s New at TPC?

We have a new digital home. We have just launched our brand-new website! Crafted from the ground up, this site is tailored to meet the needs of potential customers, partners, and future talent. It not only embodies our brand but also showcases our products and highlights our workplace ethos.

TPC Website

Life at TPC
  • TPC Summit ’24
    Looking back on a year of innovation and team collaboration, our Jan ’24 Summit showcased our dedication to creating value for our customers.

TPC Summit 2024

  • International Women’s Day ’24
    TPConnects celebrated the theme of “Inspire Inclusion.” Christine Harb shared invaluable insights on empowering women in the workplace.

Women’s Day at the TPC Office

Jobs at TPC

If you are looking for a career move or you know someone who fits the bill,

here’s a list of all our open positions.

What’s Coming Up Next?

Countdown to the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2024
Are you attending the Arabian Travel Market, 6-9 May, in Dubai, UAE? This is your opportunity to witness the future of travel retailing firsthand with TPConnects’ Travel Seller solution, Iris.
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IATA’s Offers & Orders Forum 2024
We’re excited to participate in the IATA’s Offers and Orders Forum on May 21-22, 2024, at the IATA office in Geneva, Switzerland. Interested in learning more about how we can support your journey in Offers and Orders?
Book an Astra demo today!



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