FCTG Independent has full access to the new airline booking solution by TPConnects giving agents a wider range of travel options.

TPConnects, a majority-owned subsidiary of Flight Centre Travel Group, offers an advanced and comprehensive platform for for airline content distribution from multiple sources – for instance, traditional filed content, NDC-led, or low-cost carrier content. The TPConnects solution has a range of features, including state-of-the-art online booking engine, travel content aggregation, and efficient management of various travel-related services.

The TPConnects solution won’t just broaden customer options but also lead to greater client satisfaction and loyalty, and with its streamlined booking processes, save agents time and money. By connecting to a broader network of airlines and travel suppliers, agents will be able to increase revenue streams, tap into new markets and customer segments, and ultimately generate more sales.

The TPConnects solution is currently available for FCTG Independent agents in Australia, with rollouts planned for New Zealand, USA, Canada, and South Africa.

TPConnects CEO, Rakshit Desai, said, “We are pleased to have launched our platform for FCTG Independent. This launch validates the product market fit and global potential of the TPConnects platform. We will continue to build NDC solutions that unlock modern retailing opportunities for the industry.”

“As FCTG continues to prioritise innovation, our increased investment in TPConnects stands as a testament to that commitment,” FCTG Independent Global Director of Operations, Astrid Richardson, said. “By leveraging advanced technology solutions, we are equipping our independent travel entrepreneurs with the tools they need to thrive in a dynamic marketplace, ensuring unparalleled customer experiences and fuelling business growth.”

FCTG Independent Operations Improvement Manager, Mark Horwood, said, “TPConnects’ platform boasts a user-friendly interface that seamlessly guides travel professionals through their daily operations. Its intuitive layout, streamlined workflows, and diverse range of tools enable agencies to achieve exceptional efficiencies, making it an industry-leading and functionally robust platform.”