TPConnects’ NDC Masterclass at Arabian Travel Market 2024: Unveiling the Future of Travel
On May 7, 2024, during the vibrant week of the Arabian Travel Market (ATM), TPConnects hosted an insightful NDC Masterclass led by Paul Ryumugabe, VP of Product (Seller). Paul’s session, titled “Demystifying NDC for Travel Sellers,” aimed to simplify the complexities of the New Distribution Capability (NDC) and highlight its growing influence in the travel sector. Here are the essential takeaways from the Masterclass.  

The Growing Impact of NDC in Travel
The session started with addressing the evolution of NDC from a theoretical concept to a growing technology in the travel industry. NDC has facilitated the distribution of millions of seats via enhanced platforms, showcasing its rising adoption and indicating its long-term presence. Leading airlines have formed a consortium under the IATA NDC to expedite the industry’s shift towards NDC, enriching the overall travel experience. 

Key Insights and the Navigational Challenges
We discussed the adoption rates and how airlines recognize NDC as a tool for creating substantial value. Nonetheless, we also shed light on the challenges airlines, travel agencies, and technology providers face within the complex NDC landscape.

Importance of Standardization
A critical aspect that was emphasized was the need for standardization. Despite NDC’s capacity for flexibility and customization, standardization remains essential for ensuring seamless integration and interoperability among all stakeholders involved.  

Benefits of Embracing NDC
We then looked at the advantages of NDC for both airlines and travel selles. For airlines, NDC enables better control over their product offerings and pricing strategies through direct distribution channels. Travel sellers benefit from accessing richer content and providing personalized offers. Additionally, the opportunity for ancillary sales boosts revenue potential for all parties involved. 

 What Travel Sellers Should Know
NDC not only facilitates access to a broader spectrum of airline products and services but also simplifies the booking process. Airlines directly manage offer creation, pricing, and fulfilment, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and customer service. For Travel Corporate Management Companies, NDC plays a pivotal role in supporting corporate customers through preferred distribution channels and policy applications. 

Iris – All air content, your shop
Paul concluded the Masterclass by introducing Iris, the TPConnects platform engineered to simplify NDC & other content integration for travel sellers. With its plug-and-play portal and API, Iris provides a comprehensive suite of tools for shopping, selling, and servicing tickets across various content sources. The platform’s intuitive interface and user-friendly workflows enable travel agents to effortlessly manage the complexities of NDC. Iris’s browser-based portal allows agents quick access to air products from multiple sources, including NDC, Low-Cost Carriers (LCC), aggregators, and Global Distribution Systems (GDS), all in a single, customizable interface. 

Take the Next Step in Your NDC Journey
If you are a travel seller looking to enhance customer satisfaction, optimize revenue, and drive business growth through NDC, consider booking a demo to explore the capabilities of the Iris platform.  

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