Discover the highlights from T2RLEngage 2023 in London!

In the dynamic world of aviation technology and procurement, T2RL stands out as a true expert. Founded in 2005, they have been at the forefront of complex technology solutions for airlines of all sizes and business models. Every year, aviation enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the T2RLENGAGE event, and this year’s gathering in London from September 18th to 20th did not disappoint. The theme? ‘The Path to Offer/Order Management.’

At its core, T2RLEngage 2023 was a testament to the industry’s dedication to transformation while keeping the passenger experience front and center. With over 500 attendees and 31 exhibitors, including 64 airlines and 164 airline delegates, it set the stage for the digital revolution in Offer/Order Management.


TPConnects takes the Stage


TPConnects, as a silver sponsor, took center stage with a powerful message: “Modern Airline Retailing: Swift, Seamless, and Smart.” The highlight? A captivating conversation between Kris Van Dijken, TPConnects’ VP of Product Management – Airline Solutions, and Vikas Manra, Business Head at Gulf Air. They delved deep into Gulf Air’s journey with NDC (New Distribution Capability) and how TPConnects is helping shape the future of airline retailing. Our aim was to engage the audience with a compelling message: Modern Airline Retailing: Swift, Seamless, Smart.


Kris Van Dijken also moderated a session in the Solutions Room roundtable on “How will the distribution channel evolve?” In the discussion with several airline representatives, we were offered a glimpse into what is the future of airline distribution and airline priorities.

TPConnects launches its Next-Generation Airline Retailing Platform


But the pièce de résistance was the unveiling of TPConnects’ Next-Generation Airline Retailing Platform. This innovative solution promises both existing and new airline customers swift deployment, seamless user experiences, and smart innovation. With its modular design, it allows airlines to tailor their experience, decoupling platform components like Offer and Order Management, NDC API, and Smart Layer, while providing all agents access to the same shopping, booking, and servicing functionalities. Read the press release to know more.

Furthermore, TPConnects had the privilege of sponsoring the ABN (Aviation Business News) event. Rakshit and Eric took the stage to discuss our next-generation platform and the future of modern airline retailing. This underscores our commitment to innovation and revolutionizing the aviation industry.


In Conclusion

T2RLENGAGE 2023 in London demonstrated the industry’s collective commitment to progress and innovation. As a silver sponsor and a pioneer in the airline retailing field, TPConnects played a pivotal role in shaping the discourse. The key takeaways emphasized the importance of modernization, customer-centricity, and technology in shaping the future of aviation.

As we look ahead to the next gathering scheduled for September 23rd to 25th, 2024, in London, it is evident that the path to Offer/Order Management is full of exciting opportunities, and TPConnects is leading the way toward a more efficient and traveler-centric aviation industry.

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George Rajan
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