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Offer management

  • Enhanced shopping
  • Airline-controlled product configuration
  • Personalised offers
  • Rich content

Order management

  • Painless order management and servicing​
  • ONE Order capable


  • Multiple forms of payment (IATA & non-IATA)​
  • BSP / ARC settlement and IFG reporting
  • Settlement with Orders (SwO) capable

Modern airline retailing, your way

Digitally transform your content to achieve flexibility, control and efficiency across all your direct and indirect channels. Our next generation technology platform is built on standardised, modular architecture, so you can choose how to deploy and customise your own solution.

Astra B2B | Airline Branded Booking Portal | TPConnects

Astra B2B

Our airline branded agent booking portal is a state-of-the-art sales and servicing tool that’s designed for ease of use. It puts airlines in control of the content and offers you deliver through different channels.

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Astra API | NDC & IATA Certified API for Airlines | TPConnects

Astra API

With our Direct Connect API, travel sellers can easily access your airline content in real time through their own front-end system. You can also connect your content with downstream travel sellers through our Aggregator API.

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Astra B2C

Advanced TPC technology supports rich content delivery through your website (IBE), white label mobile app or holiday portal, making it easy for consumers to choose flights and ancillary products and engage fully with your brand.

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IATA Financial Gateway Certified
IATA Strategic Partner
IATA System Provider - Airline Retailing Maturity
Gulf Air Case Study - Modern Air Retailing

Latest case study

Gulf Air’s success in modern airline retailing

Find out how Gulf Air partnered with TPConnects to implement our next-generation airline retailing platform, Astra, securing the success of its boutique strategy.

Gulf Air
Srilankar Airlines
Air Mauritius

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