• Partners with Dubai based TPConnects to launch a full-fledged IATA NDC-enabled Distribution.
  • Capitalize on revenue opportunities, increase loyalty and improve overall customer experience.

Manama, Bahrain – 09 March 2021: Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, announced it has achieved NDC Level 4 certification from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

In line with Gulf Air’s digital strategy, the Level 4 certification will now empower the airline to provide the full extent of its Offer and Order Management and servicing capabilities to its direct and indirect distribution channels, including IATA and non-IATA members, across the globe. Gulf Air has partnered with TPConnects, an IATA NDC certificated IT Provider and Aggregator, as its technology partner to develop the NDC-enabled distribution platform.

In a challenging operating environment brought on by the Covid-19 crisis, this timely announcement marks a significant milestone for Gulf Air as it explores cost saving and increased revenue-generating measures and seeks to leverage opportunities for top-line growth and bottom-line benefits.

On the occasion of receiving the NDC Level 4 official certification, Gulf Air’s Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Vincent Coste said: “As part of our digital transformation, our focus continues to be on driving innovation and strengthening the value proposition through this downturn. With IATA’s NDC Level 4 certification, we are well-poised to improve the retailing and servicing experience across our global multi-channel distribution network, underpinned by a customer-centric approach. Apart from the anticipated cost savings, it will also give us the flexibility to create and fully control our inventory and content distribution across channels – from Online Travel Agencies, travel agents and Travel Management Companies (TMC) – providing easy access to rich content and differentiated, personalized and dynamic offers”.

Commenting on the announcement, Rajendran Vellapalath, CEO, TPConnects, said, “As Gulf Air’s technology partner, we are committed to supporting the airline in an ever-changing landscape as it focuses on long-term growth and sustainability. Our NDC-based technology will enable Gulf Air to tap into revenue opportunities and reduce costs associated with distribution, while increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. Under this partnership, we have plans in place to roll out Gulf Air’s NDC-enabled platform and deliver Live NDC transactions in March 2021.”

In a time where agility and personalization are paramount, the Level 4 NDC certification will help Gulf Air to provide greater transparency, accelerate the speed of communication, swiftly address servicing requirements and serve a wide range of business needs with exclusive rich content and real-time personalized combinations of products and merchandising across its channels.

Travel and corporate partners, including IATA and Non-IATA travel agents, who wish to access Gulf Air’s NDC content will be able to register their interest on in the coming few weeks.

About Gulf Air

Gulf Air commenced operations in 1950, becoming one of the first commercial airlines established in the Middle East. The airline operates scheduled flights from its hub at Bahrain International Airport to cities in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Indian sub-continent and the Far East. Gulf Air currently serves all its destinations with a combination of wide and narrow body fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Renowned for its traditional Arabian hospitality, Gulf Air is committed to being an industry leader and developing products and services that reflect the evolving needs and aspirations of its passengers.

About TPConnects

TPConnects helps Travel business (Airlines & Travel Agencies) to retail travel products and push personalized offers to potential travelers. TPConnects is one of the First Technology Company to receive IATA NDC Dual Level 4 Certified Travel Aggregator (for Travel Agencies) and IT Provider for Airlines. TPConnects Order Management System is certified by IATA as ONE Order Capable. TPConnects is also a Solution Provider for IATA Financial Gateway.

TPConnects enables airlines to retail travel by providing the airlines with air and non-air ancillary suppliers to its Middleware (Offer and Order Management Platform) integrated with all User Interfaces like Airline Agent Platform, website, Mobile Application, Corporate Booking Tool and API Out for Meta Search Engine or OTA’s. TPConnects Offer and Order Management Platform along with/standalone Airline Agent Platform is being used by a number of airlines including Saudi Arabian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Oman Air, Egypt Air, Air Mauritius, SriLankan Airlines, Eastern Airlines, SaudiGulf Airlines, Air Cairo etc.

TPConnects enables Travel Agents to Go Online by offering their own Website, Mobile Apps, B2B Agent Platform and Corporate Booking Tool – integrated with Flights, Hotels, Cars, Payment Gateway etc with minimal initial investment. More information is available on